What to Expect Your First Visit

We are glad you are considering visiting our church. We know finding a church home can be stressful, but we want to make it as easy as we can. Below are some questions you may want to answer:

  • What is it like?
    • We gather to worship God which is serious business, but we do not take ourselves too seriously when we do it. Expect a more formal service structure with participation from the congregation. We generally sing songs found in the hymnal and sermons from scripture. 
  • What about my kids?
    • Bring them! We know kids can be messy and loud, but we would rather them be in worship than not. We do have an unstaffed nursery that is next to the sanctuary if you would like to take your child there. 
  • Where do I park?
    • There is street parking around the building.
  • What do I wear?
    • American dresscodes have relaxed in the past few decades and our church service is a reflection of that. We have the full range of dress in our service. You will see a few men in sport coats and some in tshirts. Women are about the same with some in nice dresses and some in tshirts. Overal we do not want clothes to be a hinderance to you coming. If it is clean and not distracting then you will fit right in. 
  • How can I get connected?
    • Talk to the pastor after service and introduce yourself! He would love to get to know you.