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I have always loved a room filled with books. Bookstores and libraries are magical places filled with so much potential. Slowly walking the aisles and examining the spine of each book is a treasure hunt. The next book could be one of the greatest stories I have ever read. I recently read a fiction book that captured the human spirit so clearly, and told the story with such skill that I was almost emotional when I was done. I sat there stunned by the artistry of the storyteller. A good book is beautiful. 

Collections of books also house knowledge. They record the collected memories of their authors, an author who has thought about something for a long time and then committed it to paper and it is now sitting on a shelf. I worry that information on the internet could all be lost. So I buy books. Dragons would loot the countryside and bring all the treasure to their cave and hoard it. I am afraid two offices and a home full of books attest to my habit of doing the same with books. "This book looks intresting. One more won't hurt right?" 

All this to say, go look in the church library and find the next treasure.